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Men's / women's lightweight hoodie. UPF +50. Your choice of S. Leonard fine art photo on front.

Hoodie — Summer

Very light-weight hoodie with an ultra-soft, silky feel and Ultra-Violet Protection Factor (UPF) of +50. Safety from the sun’s rays.

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SKU: H900

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The Summer Hoodie does not have a pocket.  It is ultra-light weight and offers superior sun protection and performance qualities. Featuring up to UPF +50 solar protection, the solar performance fabric is sure to keep the sun’s rays from penetrating through to your skin.

The solar performance fabric weight is 4.1 ounces and is silken in its feel.

This is a 100% micro-fiber athleisure-wear shirt. It wicks away moisture (perspiration) and it is anti-microbial (odor resistant). There is no crusty patch where the image is printed. The image is infused into the fibers, not laid down in multiple layers of ink on top of them as with the typical, silk-screened, tourist tee-shirt. It is just as soft where the image is printed as where there is no printing.

And you can wash this shirt over and over without the image cracking or noticeably fading, and without the shirt shrinking.


IMAGE CHOICE. The image shown on the shirt in the photograph above is the image you selected in “Image Choices.” The shirt is the style you selected on the previous screen. To see this style with a different image on it, click on the “Image Choice” drop down menu above and choose a different image. To change the style, use the back arrow on your browser and go back one screen.

PRINT PLACE NAME?  If you select “Yes” we will print the place name as shown.  If you select “No” we will omit the place name (e.g., “San Francisco”) from the front of the shirt, giving you a little credibility as a “local.”

CHOICE OF FRAME. “Museum Frame” is the traditional hard-edged black frame.  “Vignette Frame” is no frame at all, but rather the edges of the photograph are feathered.  The Vignette Frame does not show on the main product picture above.  Click on the small gallery picture beneath it to see an example  of the Vignette Frame (shown on the Solar Men’s Long Sleeve).

Proper care will optimize the life span of this high performance garment.   Following these simple instructions will maximize the life of the PURE-tech™ wicking technology:

  1. Do not dry clean!
  2. Machine wash cold with a minimum of detergent (bleach-free, scent-free);
  3. Do not use fabric softener; and
  4. Air or tumble dry low.

The use of dryer sheets, fabric softeners and other laundry products can leave behind residues which clog the pores of these highly technical fibers, diminishing their moisture-wicking capabilities over time, thus preventing moisture from escaping to the surface of the garment and evaporating.

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