Casual, Soft San Francisco Shirts

A shirt to fall in love with

Ever become emotionally involved with a shirt? This is your chance.

You can wear a San Francisco Soft Wear athleisure shirt for running, biking or going to the gym. The ultra-soft fabric is antimicrobial and wicks perspiration making it ideal for active men or women.

Then wash this fine casual wear for a trip to the mall or out to dinner.  Go business casual with a blazer. Wear it to lounge or sleep in. Also a great travel shirt because it’s so versatile, comfortable and washable (quick-drying).

Won’t shrink or fade (be still my heart)

Wash and wash–the shirt refuses to shrink. And the image, a fine art photograph, won’t fade or crack. The secret is in our process. See why they’re so soft.

11 reasons you’ll love a San Francisco Soft Wear shirt

Here’s why you—or your lucky giftee—will be smitten with a San Francisco Soft Wear shirt. And why our shirts are such a great value. Click each bullet for details.

  • Head-Turning Images in Black & White

    These shirts are printed with striking, unique fine art images. Exclusive photographs by black and white photographer Steve Leonard. See – and buy – as paper prints the photographs on these shirts at
  • Versatile

    Our athleisure garments are perfectly adaptable to your busy life. Use them as casual wear as well as athletic activities. The fabric wicks perspiration and it is odor resistant. So soft and comfortable, you'll wear it for just hanging out or cozy sleepwear. The shirts and sweatshirts also make ideal travel wear. And worn under a blazer, they are even suitable for business casual days at the office.
  • Buttery Softness

    Not made of cotton, our shirts are premium athleisure wear. They are so soft they make great pajamas. Our solar performance fabric actually feels like silk. The softness of our fabrics alone will cause shirt love.
  • Absence of Hard Image Patch

    The images on most cotton tee shirts are silk-screened which creates layers of colored ink on top of the fabric. It dries into a hard patch. After a few washes, this image patch begins to flake and crack. Not ours! We use a printing process that actually fuses dye into the shirt’s micro-fibers, rather than inking on top of the fabric like the printing of cotton shirts does. There is no difference in the remarkable softness of our shirts where the image is printed and where it is not.
  • Moisture-Wicking Technology

    One of micro-fiber’s greatest benefits is that it keeps you dry even under exertion. During a work-out, a walk or just sitting in the sun the fibers wick moisture from your skin through the fabic to the air beyond where it evaporates.
  • 50+ UPF

    The "Solar" fabrics are created with a 50+ ultra-violet protection factor. Nothing to add, nothing to apply. The protection is built right in to the fabric's molecules.
  • Odor Resistance

    The fabric is anti-microbial. Even perspiration odors from a good workout will not cling to the fabric.
  • Stain Resistence

    Look at the center photograph in the footer below. Twice in the sequence of 24 washes, we smeared ketchup on the front of the shirt. After the next wash, there was no sign of the stain.
  • Repeat Washability

    You can spill ketchup on our shirts. It washes right out. You can do strenuous exercise in our shirts and wash them. Over and over. Dozens of times. You will see no noticeable degradation of the image or of the softness of the shirt. There is nothing to flake or crack, and the ink (dye, actually) does not fade with repeated washings.
  • Non-Shrink Fit

    Washed as instructed in cold water and air-dried or fluff dried in a dryer, these shirts will not shrink.
  • Value

    The comfort, versatility, durability and repeat washability of these shirts makes them a much better value than a cotton tee. Our shirts last longer and look better than an inexpensive cotton tee with a silk-screened image. Add in our fine art imagery and a San Francisco Soft Wear shirt becomes an elegant, enduring memento of the City, either for yourself or to give as a gift.

You’ll never have to say, “I left my art in San Francisco.” Instead, you can wear it on your San Francisco Soft Wear shirt wherever you go.